LiveCapture22.1 What’s NewDownload PDF
Bug Fixes
Enabling TACACS messes up PAM (OD-2511)
Installing certs works for LiveAdmin but not for OmniWeb (OD-2505)
When LiveCapture was re-licensed to LiveWire, the Engine Type did not change (OD-2455)
Make sure dmsd service is started after omnid service (OD-2433)
Liveadmin restarts networking when IP values are not changed (OD-2401)
When using Omnipeek Web, downloading the results from large forensic searches can hang the system (OD-2232)
Some interactions with the WebUI trigger background tasks that block the entire WebUI (OD-2231)
HTTP response header Content Security Policy is missing (OD-273)
LiveAction enterprise OIDs don’t work after changing hostname via LiveAdmin (LADM-29)
Updating hostname in LiveAdmin doesn’t update /etc/hosts (LADM-24)
Backup requires restarting service message no longer needed (LADM-23)