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About LiveCapture Virtual
Congratulations on your purchase of LiveCapture Virtual™! LiveCapture Virtual is a virtual version of the LiveCapture hardware network appliance. LiveCapture Virtual can be deployed in a highly virtualized data center to monitor east-west traffic moving between virtual machines, or to monitor virtual network functions. Without a virtualized monitoring solution like LiveCapture Virtual, this traffic cannot be monitored and issues between those machines could go unnoticed by IT and network operations teams.
The Capture Engine software on LiveCapture Virtual works in conjunction with Omnipeek, a separate software program required for the monitoring and analysis of the packets captured remotely by LiveCapture Virtual. For detailed instructions on how to view and analyze remote captures from within the Omnipeek console, please see the Omnipeek User Guide or Omnipeek online help. For more information on the Capture Engine software, please see Capture Engines.