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Cisco Application Visibility and Controls (AVC) and Next Generation NBAR (NBAR2)
Cisco Application Visibility and Controls (AVC) and Next Generation NBAR (NBAR2)
Use this application note to use Cisco’s Application Visibility and Control (AVC) to monitor and manage application performance metrics.
Cisco’s Application Visibility and Control (AVC) technology leverages existing technologies such as NBAR2 in order to properly classify traffic types traversing the network infrastructure. With AVC, the aggregated flow destined to an application server can be measured from end to end. This allows the network to reach a higher level of application awareness and in turn collect performance metrics on said applications. With this data, the network administrator can act on the classified traffic in order to properly prioritize and control flow through QoS policies.1
With LiveNX 2.5 and greater, users can leverage the high network visibility provided by AVC and NBAR2, and perform active response to monitored traffic classes and flows. This application note provides instructions on enabling AVC and NBAR2 capabilities, within the context of the LiveNX software. A use case scenario will also be covered, outlining how LiveNX can be used to identify and analyze critical business traffic along with unwanted applications on the network. LiveNX’s feature rich QoS functionality will then be utilized to mitigate the offending traffic by means of a policing policy incorporating Cisco’s NBAR classification.