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Configure NetFlow on a Nexus 7k
Configure NetFlow on a Nexus 7k
LiveNX is not able to configure a Cisco Nexus 7k to export Netflow; however, this does not mean that LiveNX cannot collect Netflow that is sent to it. It is necessary for a user to follow the steps in this guide to configure their Cisco Nexus 7k to export the flow.
Q: I tried to use LiveNX to configure Netflow on my Nexus 7k, what should I do?
A: It is not recommended that you use LiveNX to configure Netflow. It is likely that you have some configurations from LiveNX that need to be removed. You can contact support at from more assistance.
Q: Where can I read more about Cisco Nexus 7k and NetFlow?
A: You can read more here:
Q: You didn’t answer my question!
A: Feel free to contact for any further questions.
If you have any questions about this guide, or need any assistance in general please contact LiveAction support: