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TinyCore Linux Server
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LiveNX TinyCore Linux Server
LiveNX TinyCore Linux Server
This End-of-Life announcement for the LiveNX TinyCore Linux Server coincides with the release of the LiveNX 8.4.0 Ubuntu Server in September 2019. The LiveNX 8.4.0 Ubuntu Server is currently in production with customers utilizing physical server appliances and we will now begin the process of migrating customers with LiveNX TinyCore Linux servers to LiveNX Ubuntu Servers.
Starting with LiveNX 8.4.0, customers interested in starting the migration process can contact LiveAction Technical Support at to request the LiveNX Ubuntu conversion package and instructions. The conversion and upgrade will be applied via "one-touch" following the same steps as both of our current online and offline upgrade options.
This change will allow our development teams to focus their efforts on a single OS platform and continue working towards better application performance, increased stability, and an improved user experience.
LiveAction will continue to provide support and upgrade packages for legacy LiveNX TinyCore Servers through the duration of the LiveNX 9.0.x and 9.1.x release cycles through January 2020. New servers deployed on or after the November 2019 release of LiveNX 9.0.0 must deploy the LiveNX Ubuntu Server.
The legacy LiveNX TinyCore Server will not be offered as an option for new deployments as of the LiveNX 9.0.0 release.
The LiveNX 9.2.0 release is currently expected in March 2020. At that time, all customers still utilizing a legacy LiveNX TinyCore Server must be prepared to upgrade and migrate to the LiveNX Ubuntu Server. After the LiveNX 9.2.0, the LiveNX TinyCore Server will no longer be supported by our development team, and all new features and enhancements will be built into the LiveNX Ubuntu Server.
Please contact LiveAction Technical Support at with any questions and to schedule assistance with the migration.