LiveNX21.4.1 Release NotesDownload PDF
Bug Fixes
LD-31046: Alert management table filters now work
LD-31026: Alert data loads when a SDWAN path change alert with an empty class name exists
LD-30871: Alerts instances will be removed from alert management table when deleted
Entity Pages
LD-31023: Interface entity topology properly show it’s parent site
LD-31016: Device discovery modal allows use of SD-WAN and Seed Device options
LD-30941: A fix was added to ensure topology renders for all browsers based on chromium v93+
LD-31020: Dynamic reports support “application group” field for NetFlow v9
LD-30852: Dynamic reports
LD-30112: VRF input/output is correctly resolved for dynamic reports
LD-30882: Plugged possible memory leak on IPSLA story page
LD-30979: Default data store settings can be modified when a node is down
LD-30912: A fix was added to ensure LiveNX servers with custom applications that contain URIs but no URLs can connect to LiveNA