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LiveNX Quick Start Guide : Introduction : A Simple LiveNX Deployment
A Simple LiveNX Deployment
The simplest deployment of LiveNX consists of the LiveNX Server ingesting network telemetry such as SNMP and Flow (IPFIX, NetFlow, sFlow) from network infrastructure elements such as Routers, Switches and Firewall to provide network and application visibility. LiveNX can also ingest Flow from LiveAction LiveWire appliances that analyze packets on the wire and generate rich metadata using LiveFlow technology.
Users can leverage the web-based Operations Dashboard as a primary interface for day-to-day operations visibility or the Engineering Console thick-client for configuration and deeper troubleshooting visibility.
For small deployments, proof-of-concepts, or evaluation trials, use a single server deployment as shown above. For larger multi-site deployments, a more distributed LiveNX deployment can be architected with multiple collectors called LiveNX Nodes that aggregate to the Server.
LiveNX comes as a complete appliance with hardened operating system, system libraries, applications, and utilities, and can be deployed as a physical appliance, a virtual appliance or in the cloud, based on your requirements.