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LiveNX 21.5.0 Release Notes : New Features and Enhancements
New Features and Enhancements
BGP peer connection change alert now supports multiple instances
Active alert tab on entity pages show all active alerts, not only active alerts that contribute to status
Active alert tab on entity pages shows whether an active alert contributes to status or not
Added a configurable automatic resolution time to the following alerts
BGP peer connection change
Site reachability
Device reachability
Interface reachability
Fan tray operational state
HSRP standby state
Line card operational state
Power supply operational state
QFP throughput operational state
VRRP operational state
Adjusted the default automatic resolution time for some alerts to be lower
Device Management
Interface state is now visible while discovering devices
Interface state now shows if an interface is admin down
Added support for Cisco Firepower devices
Added historical alert reports
Custom reports are now configurable through the Operations Dashboard
Interface label is now provided as report metadata when available
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Notifications have been re-enabled by default
Non-SDWAN alert notifications will honor RBAC
System Diagnostics
Flow data status is now available on the Operations Dashboard
Third Party Integration
Third party libraries making external calls can now be disabled
Logical topology supports source and destination site filters
Flow path analysis story supports source and destination site filters
VeloCloud Integration
Added reports to utilize VeloCloud data relating to site to site performance, cloud gateways, top application by flow path, top paths, top traffic, and more