LiveNX21.5.2 Release NotesDownload PDF
Bug Fixes
CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45105, CVE-2021-45046 also known as “log4j” has been patched through an upgrade to log4j 2.17
Fixed an issue where logs could not be downloaded via clients
Fixed an issue where users are unable to “delete all” notifications at scale
Underscores are now supported in LDAP server configurations
Fixed an issue where the flex filter would be ignored for some SNMP reports
Fixed an issue where the custom reports page would not load on the Operations Dashboard under certain scenarios
Fixed an issue where custom report configurations would change after saving when selecting certain combinations of parameters. This primarily affected custom reports with the AVC flow type.
IP SLA story will now show a “-” instead of “null” when there is no data for an ICMP Jitter test
Custom reports can no longer be edited or deleted by users with the role “View”
Alert notifications will now appear for users authenticated with single sign on (SSO)
Fixed an issue where SDWAN alerts were not being properly resolved within LiveNX when they were resolved on the vManage system
The “Device, Interface” filter will now work as intended on the alert management page
Alerts will show both the initial value that triggered the alert as well as the latest value for all KPI metrics
Fixed an issue where some legacy systems were unable to modify alerts
Fixed an issue where users could not activate traditional licenses with a grace period
Fixed an issue where users would be presented with invalid operations for traditional and cloud licenses
Fixed an issue where no error message appears when invalid key/secret is input when activating a cloud license