LiveNX22.1.1 Release NotesDownload PDF
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where site reachability alerts were never visible on the Operations Dashboard. They can now be seen by all users.
Fixed an issue where alert instances were using the auto-resolution time of the default instance instead of their instance.
Added the “note” field to the alert view on the geo topology.
Device Management
Fixed an issue with the Cisco SDWAN day 2 workflow where the IP of an existing device was not properly updated.
Fixed an issue with the Cisco SDWAN day 2 workflow which prevented devices with the same IP as an existing device from being discovered. Please note that IPs must be unique on a node. Any device update action that breaks this rule will fail.
Fixed an issue where the != operator was filtering out devices from offline nodes, even if those devices should be included.
Restored the LiveAction footer logo to PDFs generated via the Operations Dashboard.
Changed a report name from “Site to Site Performance Over Time” to “Site to Site Performance Above Threshold Over Time”.