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LiveNX 22.2.0 Release Notes : New Features and Enhancements
New Features and Enhancements
LiveAction LiveWire device’s disk array status can now be monitored via alerts and reports
Custom OID alerts now have configurable threshold operators
Alert instances can be created to evaluate against all entities as long as there is a business hours filter
Alerts now show information about both the latest KPI value as well as the KPI value when the alert was triggered
BGP Peer Connection Change alerts now accept IP addresses in the alert instance filter
SNMP traps are now only sent when an alert is created or resolved
Device Management
Added an option to override the default behavior to only allow classified interfaces to be added into LiveNX for the ethernetCsmacd interface type. This also enables trunk ports to be added for Nexus 9K devices configured using ACI.
Site Management
Business hours can be set using standardized presets representing the standard work week, all hours, and custom settings
Additional web analytics reports have been added
The VRF value of 0 is now included in report aggregations
New dashboard templates for application and voice/video information have been added
Additional reports are available as custom widgets
Site to site analysis story now supports the != filter operator
Scheduled Backup
Automatic backups can now be scheduled on a recurring basis to a remote server via SFTP
Additional logging has been added for REST API calls and can be managed via the log settings
Log levels are now persisted. Restarting the server will not reset logging to the default level