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LiveNX 22.2.0 Release Notes : Resolved Customer Issues
Resolved Customer Issues
LS-3112 – Geo topology status filter now correctly shows sites matching the filtered status
LS-3099 – Additional support for Nexus 9K interfaces
LS-3097/LS-3034 – The top analysis report and device flow count tab no longer fail on flows that do not match IANA specifications for the switch time field
LS-3066 – The VRF value of 0 is now included in report aggregations
LS-3061 – Custom report field names have been adjusted to match their corresponding report result columns
LS-3058/LS-2417 – Device flow stop alert once again works as intended
LS-3050 – SNMP traps are now only sent when an alert is created or resolved
LS-2997 – LiveNX now supports the discovery of additional interfaces