LiveNX22.3.1 Release NotesDownload PDF
Bug Fixes
Fixed an error where the “Interfaces” page would sometimes stop showing data for large deployments
Fixed an issue where an unhandled error appeared when users tried to uncheck a class on the Engineering Console QoS tab
Fixed an issue where the historical device was sometimes referenced by the active device filter when a device was repeatedly added and removed
Fixed an error where the QoS class drops alert did not have a “catch all” threshold
Fixed an error where the QoS class drops alert thresholds incorrectly showed class name instead of “drop rate”
Fixed an issue where “all devices” was incorrectly returning “no data” for some reports executed on the Engineering Console
Fixed an error where the device CPU utilization alert’s auto-resolution time would be based on the setting when the alert was created
Device Management
The /devices/virtual endpoint will no longer return a 500 when successfully adding a virtual device
Removed “Total Bytes” column from interface utilization report
Improved SNMP report consistency by accounting for device down errors
Fixed an issue where monthly scheduled reports were failing to execute
Fixed an issue where the business hours parameter was not editable in valid report creation scenarios
Fixed an error within the Routing Adjacency Events report that occurred when there is IPv6 data
User Management
Fixed an issue that caused all user groups to have their unused filters deleted, rather than only the selected groups, when the delete unused filter action is performed
Fixed an issue where the user group filters shown on the client were not updated after performing a “delete unused filters” action