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LiveNX 22.4.0 Release Notes : New Features and Enhancements
New Features and Enhancements
EULA is now displayed before logging into LiveNX
All alert auto resolutions will now be Manual, Instant, or After
Alerting webhooks have been re-enabled
Alerting page performance improved
First-time users who log in with single sign on will now have a user created for them within LiveNX
TACACS+ configuration now allows configuration of the “service” where the user group attribute is located
TACACS+ will no longer auto-retry when auth request fails due to bad credentials
A new Semantic Management page has been added to consolidate Tag and Service Provider management into a single location
Devices can now be migrated between nodes on the Device Management page
Data store management now accounts for Layer 2 data
LiveWire cross launch links can now be configured to use IP, system name, or DNS resolution as the hostname
Device name resolution has been moved from Device Management to Settings
Cisco SD-WAN now allows full URI (e.g. “”)
Default dashboards have been created for VMware SD-WAN and Prisma SD-WAN
Additional default dashboard widgets have been created for VMware SD-WAN and Prisma SD-WAN reports
Fortinet widgets now drill into time series reports rather than aggregation reports
Device Support
Juniper CPU and memory metrics are now supported
ISR 1000 device models is now correctly displayed
Entity Pages
The WAN Application tab’s application count can now be disabled
VMware SD-WAN, Prisma SD-WAN, and Web application reports can be added to device entity pages
Additional Fortinet SD-WAN reports were added
LiveWire dialNumberTo and callId fields are now supported in the Calls by Number story
Cisco SD-WAN reports can exceed the 1000 result limit when the “useFlowLimit” parameter is utilized through the API
DSCP values greater than 63 will be displayed
Cloud Monitoring
Support for cloud monitoring in GCP (Google Cloud Platform)