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LiveNX 22.4.0 Release Notes : Resolved Customer Issues
Resolved Customer Issues
LS-3236 - Alert threshold reverts after server restart
LS-3210, LS-3203, LS-3211 - Improved reporting to better support Fortinet flows
LS-2874 - Device management page performance issues
LS-3240 - ISR 1000 device models is now correctly displayed
LS-3229 - Appending tags to multiple sites no longer overwrites existing tags
LS-3197 - Fixed infinite spinner which appeared when modifying multiple users at once
LS-3192 - Resolve unknown Fortinet NBAR application
LS-3172 - Site topology will now save when moving a subnet or device
LS-3161 - Fixed a null pointer that occurred within the flow store
LS-2906 - Fixed an issue with IANA Port Application name matching when multiple applications belong to the same port