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LiveNX 22.4.1 Release Notes : Resolved Customer Issues
Resolved Customer Issues
LS-3250 - Fixed an issue where users could not drill down to an interface in the WAN Capacity Planning story
LS-3252 - Fixed an issue where Engineering Console would crash due to a corrupted topology layout
LS-3257 - Greatly improved the number of auto-discovered devices that can be displayed on the Operations Dashboard
LS-3258 - Fixed an issue where auto-discovered devices would be added repeatedly
LS-3267 - Improved API documentation of /reports/results/{id}/share endpoint
LS-3275 - Fixed an issue where LDAP users properties could not be modified
LS-3276 - Fixed an issue where reports could not be exported to CSV from entity pages
LS-3286 - Fixed a typo with the “Central Time” zone visible on business hour selection