LiveNX22.4.1 Release NotesDownload PDF
Bug Fixes
Removed tcadmin account
Added safe/rescue mode to login when user forgets password
Fixed an issue where the notification count was not updated after a deletion
Corrected the available auto-resolution options for Cisco SD-WAN SLA Class Path Change and Critical Traffic Response Time alerts to match the actual resolution type
Data Management
Added validation to the purge archive input to ensure it is a file path
Improved error messaging when backup directory is invalid
Device Management
Non-SNMP devices can now use the device migration feature to move between nodes
Greatly improved the number of auto-discovered devices that can be displayed on the Operations Dashboard
The vendor filter has been changed from a free text filter to a drop down list
Fixed an issue where devices would be auto-discovered multiple times if the discovery process was not complete before the next scheduled auto-discovery job was started
Entity Page
Fixed an issue where the time range was not persisted when moving from an entities page to a single entity
Fixed an issue where the end time was being incorrectly modified when the time range was changed
Flow Path Analysis
“Source site” has been renamed to “client site” and “destination site” renamed to “server site” in order to make it easier to understand the IP the site resolution is associated with
In the case of AVC flows, the server IP will be shown on the left and the client on the right
Fixed an issue where historical devices would cause the path topology to error
Added a pop up to links between source/destination IPs in the flow path analysis topology
LiveWire Integration
Fixed an issue where the “peek” drill down was not using the correct host resolution option from the topology
Removed the direction parameter from the “peek” drill down parameters
Fixed an issue where the status pop-up would try to use historical time if the user navigated directly from a page using a historical time range
Semantic Management is no longer available to users with the view role
Fixed an issue where the flow.linkName flex filter was not filtering
Fortinet time-series reports are now displayed as line graphs rather than stacked area graphs
Fixed an issue where string type fields were not available for configuration on the ServiceNow global configuration page
User Management
Fixed an issue where LDAP users could not be updated
Engineering Console
Fixed an issue that prevented the flow configuration dialog from displaying if the user cancelled loading of the dialog