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LiveNX Upgrade Guide
LiveNX Upgrade Guide
Upgrade Requirements
Installation running versions older than 21.4.0 will require a two-step upgrade. Please see Using LiveNX Upgrade Packages..
Requires a minimum of 8 GB VM memory to successfully upgrade.
Primary DNS must be reachable from the LiveNX and Node.
Customers currently using a cloud license with an active maintenance contract will be automatically licensed for a major version upgrade. Customers currently using a traditional offline activated license key require an updated license for a major version upgrade and must contact LiveAction Support at
Export Devices (Mandatory)
Backup Server Configurations (Mandatory). See Backup Server Configurations.
Create VM Snapshot (Mandatory) of your current LiveAction VM(s) before proceeding with the upgrade. See Create a VM Snapshot (ESXi).
Once the upgrade has been successfully completed, power off the VM and delete the snapshot. In general, VMs with snapshots run slower and may impact performance. Do not retain a single snapshot for more than 24-72 hours.