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Configuration : Alert Management : Maintenance Mode
Maintenance Mode
LiveNX provides an Alert maintenance mode for temporarily suppressing Alerts from triggering from either devices or interfaces. Its configuration is accessed via the Maintenance Mode button at the top right of the Alert Management page.
By default, no devices or interfaces are in maintenance mode. Click Add, to enable maintenance mode.
A list of devices appears.
The filter at the top of the device list makes it simple to find devices of interest.
Select the checkbox corresponding to a device to put the device and all of its interfaces into maintenance mode. When finished click Save.
Or only select the checkbox corresponding to just an interface(s) to put it in maintenance mode. When finished click Save.
The selected devices and interfaces will be listed in Maintenance Mode.
To remove a device/interface from maintenance mode, click Edit.
Deselect the selected devices and interfaces of interest and click Save.