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LiveNX 23.2.0 : Resolved Customer Issues
Resolved Customer Issues
LS-3290 - Fixed an issue where some special characters in entity names were appearing encoded
LS-3292, LS-3321 - Fixed an issue where interfaces would appear as admin down when they were up
LS-3310 - Upgraded Shiro to improve security
LS-3320 - TACACS+ and RADIUS authentication once again works on the Engineering Console
LS-3322 - Fixed an issue where RADIUS passwords could not be greater than 15 characters in length
LS-3334, LS-3363 - Fixed an issue where executive report PDFs were showing a loading screen instead of a chart
LS-3335 - Fixed an issue where large interface speeds could cause bandwidth reports to ignore data
LS-3340 - Fixed an issue where large deployments with complex site IP mappings would be unable to load the device management page
LS-3348 - Fixed an issue where Fortinet application names had odd character suffixes
LS-3349 - Fixed an issue where VMware SD-WAN reports could show negative data
LS-3365, LS-3372 - Fixed an issue where the configuration would not properly load for systems with a large amount of sites
LS-3374 - Fixed an issue where the service provider bandwidth report on the site entity page was not including xcon traffic
LS-3384 - Fixed an issue where dashboards with a chart and table widget using the same report parameters would incorrectly format units
LS-3386 - Drilling into a time series report from IP SLA test dashboard will now select correct device
LS-3387 - Juniper devices CPU/memory statistics for EX, QFX, and MX devices are now properly supported
LS-3400 - WAN capacity page now supports filter values with spaces
LS-3408 - The logical topology now draws connections between layer 2 interfaces and service providers