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LiveNX 23.3.0 : Resolved Customer Issues
Resolved Customer Issues
LS-2922, LS-3376 - Modified QoS class drop alert information to provide relevant information on all dropping classes
LS-2927, LS-3081 - Added filter to Network Users story to improve performance by reducing data queried
LS-3207 - Fixed an issue where the wrong port was being used for LDAP certificates
LS-3315 - Added the ability to geocode sites using non-English characters
LS-3362 - Fixed an issue where drilling into a DSCP report cell was applying the wrong filter
LS-3411 - Fixed an issue where secondary RADIUS/TACACS+ server would never be utilized
LS-3419 - Improved handling of special characters in report flex search suggestions
LS-3423 - Fixed an issue where alerts were not being propogated to ServiceNow
LS-3425 - Include all valid metrics in IP SLA test time series report even though the test may not have been successful
LS-3428 - Improved handling of special characters in site CSV export
LS-3434, LS-3458 - Improved communication performance for large scale multi-node deployments
LS-3447 - Improved performance of Cisco SD-WAN reporting when using filters
LS-3449 - Fixed an issue where the user list would never appear for user management
LS-3450 - Fixed an issue where interface error alerts would not auto-resolve
LS-3454 - Improved handling of devices with blank device serials
LS-3456 - Increased historical alert limit back to one-hundred thousand