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LiveNX 23.4.0 : Resolved Customer Issues
Resolved Customer Issues
LS-3274/LS-3390 - Fixed an issue where certain flex searches that should usage the long-term flow store were using the raw flow store
LS-3313 - Fixed inconsistencies with behavior related to time selection on entity pages
LS-3350/LS-3380 - Fixed an issue where site reachability alerts could be generated when a device on the site is still reachable
LS-3393 - Fixed an issue where the IP and Ports report would not work with AVC flow type
LS-3444 - Fixed an issue where Cisco SD-WAN SLA class path change alert were not auto-clearing, even after coming back in-policy
LS-3451 - Improved error messaging to provide more details when LDAP authentication fails
LS-3470 - Fixed an issue where critical traffic response time alerts were not resolving despite having an “instant” resolution
LS-3477 - Graphs now allow zooming using both x and y axis to ensure series data is always visible
LS-3491- Fixed an issue where scheduling a report would remove flex search from the report template
LS-3492/LS-3496 - Fixed an issue where scheduled report emails did not have a web link to the report result
LS-3494 - Changed basic flow path analysis on the Operations Dashboard to no longer require a DSCP value in flow records
LS-3508 - Fixed an issue where site reachability alerts were missing from the alerts page when using entity filters
LS-3538/LS-3514 - Fixed an issue where the device discovery modal would register inputs as invalid and not allow users to start a discovery
LS-3541 - Patched ActiveMQ security vulnerability
LS-3547 - Fixed an issue where trying to add an existing tag to an interface would instead create a new tag