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Flow : Flow Overview : Key Features
Key Features
A dashboard aggregation of the flows in your network.
A system level view of the flows in your network that provides end-to-end graphical topology visualizations and tabular aggregations of flows across the system.
A device level view of the flows from a specific device that provides a topology visualization and table representation.
An interface view of input and output flows from a particular interface.
Various reports that allow that provide forensic capabilities to find specific historical flows; playback, time series charts, aggregation charts, drill down to raw flows, etc.
Filter traffic based on specific parameters such as DSCP, port, source address, and destination address for more focused viewing.
A search field in the system view, flow dashboard and flow reports to provide user-defined filtered results for system and flow entities.
Support most of the major flow technologies (NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX) from a variety of vendors.
View Cisco Medianet Performance Monitor, AVC, NSEL, PfR.
Store all flow information for historical analysis and forensics.
Provide the ability to start and stop flow data gathering on a per-device basis.
Resolve addresses to hostnames.
Allow data to be stored as CSV files and image captures