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IP SLA : IP SLA Overview : Key Features and Benefits
Key Features and Benefits
Ease of Use
LiveNX makes Cisco IP SLA easy to use. An intuitive graphical interface replaces complicated command lines, making on-the-fly test configuration and execution easy and understandable.
Improved Efficiency
Reduces time required for network deployment, maintenance, and training, while improving network availability.
Built-In IP SLA Expertise
LiveNX IP SLA is based on Cisco best practices and an extensive knowledge base of Cisco IP SLA features and functions.
Rich Visualizations
LiveNX provides graphical views of latency, loss, jitter, and MOS over IP SLA. It also displays real-time topological views and test status, as well as test results plotted historically on a timeline.
Test Traffic Generation
Generates and sends synthetic test traffic from the router for measuring network performance. Enables detailed editing of test configurations to simulate complex traffic patterns.
Start, stop, and edit traffic tests in real time.
LiveNX IP SLA is a software-based solution that requires no physical topology changes or service interruptions to install.
Exceptional ROI
LiveNX QoS takes full advantage of existing Cisco device features, significantly reducing the need to purchase separate test networks and hardware-based test equipment, including traffic generators, far end-point probes, and analyzers.