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Report Legend
The Report Legend can be sorted by columns. Click on the desired column header to sort the legend in either ascending or descending order. Please see the image below for an example of a legend with visible Options. To add or remove items from the chart, check or uncheck items in the legend.
Click Options > Select all to select all items for viewing in the chart.
Click Options > Select none to unselect all items for viewing in the chart.
Click Options > Export legend data to create a CSV file containing the data in the legend. For reports with two legends, both legends will be exported. The default location where the CSV file will be saved to is your LiveNX Client desktop.
Specific to QoS Pre-Policy and Post-Policy reports, the input or output interface policy is shown as part of the header in the legend. If there was a policy change for that interface during the specified time span, the combo box will allow the user to select the desired policy for viewing within the chart. Please see the image below for a Pre-Class legend with the policy name displayed in the header.