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Reporting : About Reporting : Report Actions
Report Actions
There are seven report actions: Save, Save As, Delete, Schedule, PDF, Export to CSV, and Help.
Save – LiveNX brings up a dialog box. Enter a report name in the dialog box. The report will be saved under Custom Reports.
Save As – after selecting a saved report for viewing, if you change any report attribute (e.g., time span, device, interface), you can create a new custom report by clicking on Save As and naming the report with a different report name.
NOTE: LiveNX will not allow you to save another custom report with the same report name.
Delete – deletes a report. Select a report name under Custom Reports and click on Delete.
Schedule – allows automatic generation and delivery of custom reports. Additional details can be found in the Report Scheduler section of this chapter.
PDF – allows creating and saving a PDF version of the report.
Export to CSV – saves the report legend to a comma-separate value (CSV) file. The default file location where the CSV file will be saved to is the LiveNX Client desktop.
Help – launches the LiveNX User Guide.