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Reporting : Report Search
Report Search
The LiveNX Flow reports have a Search field to filter the flow report results based on the system and flow entities. The Search alphanumeric field is located in the report header. Searchable system entities include device, interface, site, tag and WAN parameters. Searchable flow entities include IP address, DSCP, port, protocol and application.
Click on the Search field to begin typing in the desired search parameters.
The general syntax of the search field is shown in the example displayed as a default entry.
(site = Honolulu | site = Chicago) & wan & = webex-meeting
Use the Enter key to apply the search. Click on the ‘X’ to clear the search field. Click on the down carat symbol to display a history of previous searches. The searches are kept on a per client basis; the history is removed with the LiveNX Client is closed.
Boolean expressions OR = ‘|’ and AND = ‘&’; grouping uses ‘( )’ )
The Search editor provides tool tips to assist in creating the search expressions. Click on the desired entity to add it to the expression. NBAR uses dynamic lists based on the capability of the device.
Filtering can also be done through the Filter combo box; filtering is done first with the combo box and then the Search alphanumeric field. The Search is done with a one pass search. In addition, the system level entities need to be in a single clause. For example, (site = Honolulu | site = Chicago) & flow.ip= is allowed, but (site = Honolulu & flow.ip= | (site = Chicago & flow.ip= is not allowed.
LiveNX supports a large number of system and flow searchable entities. Click on the ? to display the list of searchable entries as well as some example search expressions.