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LiveNX SNMP Monitoring
LiveNX SNMP Monitoring
User interaction and design
The Net-SNMP application will be included in the appliance image. It will be disabled by default, requiring users to manually opt-in before using. The default SNMP configuration is located at ‘/etc/snmp/snmpd.conf’.
By default, SNMP will be configured with the following:
Support for walking over UDP (ipv4 and ipv6)
Default OIDS enabled
System Information: .
Interfaces: .
IPv4 Forwarding: .
IPv6 Forwarding: .
Host Resources: .
ifXTable: .
Memory Stats: .
Disk Stats: .
CPU Stats: .
Version 2c enabled with default community of public
Version 3 enabled with the following
Readonly User: admin
Password: changeme
Auth Protocol: SHA
Privacy Protocol: AES
Privacy Pass: changeme
The following system information has been defined by default
sysDescr: LiveNX Server or LiveNX Node (depending on install)
sysObjectID: .
sysContact: LiveAction Support <>
sysLocation: Data center
sysServices: 72
You can walk the current default OIDS by using snmpwalk:
admin:~$ snmpwalk -v 2c -c public -CE .
admin:~$ snmpwalk -v 3 -l authPriv -u admin -a SHA -A changeme -x AES -X changeme