What’s New in LiveNX 22.4.0
What’s New in LiveNX 22.4.0
Single Sign On (SSO) enhancements:
First-time users who log in with single sign on will now have a user automatically created for them within LiveNX (Dynamic Authorization via SSO)
Addition of group key attribute in SAML configuration page
Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated
Default dashboards have been created for VMware SD-WAN and Prisma SD-WAN
A new Semantic Management page has been added to consolidate Tag and Service Provider management into a single location
Devices can now be migrated between nodes on the Device Management page
VMware SD-WAN, Prisma SD-WAN, and Web application reports can be added to device entity pages
Additional Fortinet SD-WAN reports were added
Support for cloud monitoring in GCP (Google Cloud Platform)