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Appendix : Docker support terms
Docker support terms
Whenever applicable to the platform, we strongly recommend our clients to buy Docker EE (Basic plan). This note is based on two main reasons:
1. some platforms (such as Red Hat and Oracle Linux among others) are published as being officially supported for the Enterprise Edition,
2. Docker certifies the deployed infrastructure and provides dedicated and extended support for all releases (one year rather than 4 months).
If this is not possible, we will take in charge the installations and upgrades with Docker CE quarterly releases. The default policy is to upgrade to a new quarterly release once a year on production platforms, unless all the following three conditions apply to the currently installed Docker Engine:
it contains a serious open bug that seriously impedes critical operations,
it has been upgraded to the latest available hotfix version,
it gets no more support from the Docker community (more than 4 months old).
In return, we require the following engagements from our clients:
1. the version of installed platforms should be kept within the support life cycle of the distribution, and officially supported by Docker,
2. clients accept to upgrade the Linux kernel version, if a Docker upgrade requires it.
We can technically provide safe Docker updates and fixes from the Community Edition for the officially supported environments.
However, for Red Hat and Oracle Linux, please note that we extract Docker CE installation binaries from the CentOS repository; this procedure has not been validated by Docker, and as such, may not be recommended in production environments.
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