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Introduction : Steps for a POC to be successful
Steps for a POC to be successful
1. Schedule a kick-off meeting with the following agenda:
define the scope of the POC in terms of number of routers, IWAN architecture, features to demonstrate, etc.
share all the documentation describing the POC platform,
discuss the limits covered by LiveSP (for example Multi-BR limitations in a PFR environment) and what we recommend for a quick and reliable proof of concept.
2. Provide connectivity to the server on which LiveSP will be installed (SSH connectivity at least).
3. Installation requirements: be sure to follow the recommendation of this document in terms of sizing, OS, partitions, etc.
4. Download binaries and transfer them on the server.
5. Install LiveSP (guidelines hereafter).
6. Provision routers to export flows (see the CPE Configuration Guide document).
7. Provision LiveSP fill the AVC and PFR provisioning files, send them to us for checking and feed them into the system.
8. Check that key dashboards work for the few referenced CPEs.