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Network Management : Application
Client mode / Settings / Application
LiveSP embeds several application dictionaries. Applications are described by name and can be group by category (browsing, net-admin, etc.) and group (business, leisure, unclassified, etc.).
The category and the group of an application can be overridden in multi-tenant mode and again in client mode. For example:
in multi-tenant mode you may assign the business group to the “IPSec” application: it impacts the whole client application dictionary;
an individual client may override that definition again and specify “IPSec” as part of the leisure application group.
When an application is created or customized:
in the multi-tenant mode, changes will be available for all customers.
in the client mode, it will be available for the specific customer only.
When SD-WAN is activated, LiveSP also provisions dictionaries relevant to that technology from the SD-WAN manager directly.
Open the application dictionary by clicking and in the client main menu.
1. Application source (NBAR2, Qosmos, Sandvine or custom LiveSP applications)
2. Application name and protocol pack ID (for NBAR2).
3. Override default relevance.