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Resource Edition : Dashlets : Timeline chart
Timeline chart
Timeline helps visualize spikes of traffic and understand performance metrics such as latency over time. The timeline dashlet tools provide standard and advanced functionalities to mix KPIs, configure multi-axes, add thresholds and choose chart types. As many features are optional, it is possible to start with a quick, one-KPI visualization and then turn to multi-KPI / multi-sources visualization.
Create a timeline dashlet by clicking in the edition tool bar.
1. Name your dashlet.
2. Select KPIs from the KPI library.
3. Move the series.
4. Stack the series.
5. Sketch the style of the different lines and customize the layout (legend, double axis, threshold, etc.).
6. Specify breakdown on displayed element:
7. Add a linear regression of the KPI.
8. Filter the data set.