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Introduction : About the DMS : DMS communications
DMS communications
The diagram below illustrates how communication flows between LiveWire and the DMS.
LiveWire and the DMS portal both communicate through a well-defined REST-API over HTTPS. If necessary, LiveWire can also be configured to use a proxy server using LiveAdmin.
All communications between LiveWire devices and the DMS portal are initiated by the device. In other words, from the LiveWire point of view communication is outbound only. This is more secure, and practical, since most enterprise networks allow connections to be done from the inside-out, but not from the outside-in. This means that all actions initiated by the user through the DMS portal are queued up until the device connects to the DMS and requests the configuration. The default interval for how often LiveWire checks the DMS for configuration changes is 10 minutes. The interval can be changed using the LiveAdmin utility.