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Introduction : About the DMS : DMS registration
DMS registration
When a LiveWire is purchased, it is entered into the DMS automatically, and associated with the customer account. If it is the first LiveWire the customer has purchased, the account is created, and an email invite will be sent with a link to login to the DMS portal account.
When a LiveWire device is first connected to the network and either gets an IP automatically through DHCP or is given a static IP address, it will reach out to the DMS portal and register itself. During the registration process, the DMS will attempt to activate the LiveWire, and the DMS will return any configuration changes that were made using the DMS portal.
When a user logs in to the DMS portal they will see all of their LiveWire devices. Even if the devices have not been connected to the network, configuration changes can still be made to the device. When the device does connect to the DMS portal, the configuration changes will be applied to the LiveWire.