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LiveWire Core/LiveCapture 1100 Technical Specifications
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LiveWire Core/LiveCapture 1100
LiveWire Core/LiveCapture 1100
Basic System Configuration
Intel® 1x4208 Xeon® Silver, 2.1 GHz CPU, 8 Cores, 16 Threads
1U server chassis
Available with 16 TB SAS storage, RAID 0
Optional RAID 10
Two PCI Express 3.0 slots
Four built-in 1GBASE-T ports
Supports one network adapter
Hardware Options
1G Capture Adapter
A four port PCI Express Gigabit adapter that supports up to four half-duplex Gigabit Ethernet channels (two full-duplex links). The 1G capture adapter can be connected via taps, matrix switches, or at a switch span port. Taps and matrix switches provide completely passive monitoring that does not affect the network, even in power loss conditions. The 1G Adapter comes with four SFP cages.
10G Capture Adapter
A two or four port 10 Gigabit adapter specifically designed to handle 10 Gigabit capture and analysis. Capturing 10 Gigabit network traffic, it can slice and filter packets in order to focus the traffic stream and optimize analysis. The 10G capture adapter can be used in fiber environments, or via SPAN or mirror ports. The 10G capture adapter is available in configurations with two or four 850 nm MMF or 1310 nm SMF SFP+ optical transceivers with LC connectors.
Error Packet Capture
The LiveWire Core can capture error packets on the network using the 1G Capture Adapter. These errors include Runt, Oversize, Frame Alignment, and CRC errors.
Management Interface (iDRAC)
Supports remote power control, re-installation, BIOS access, and system management.
Operating temperature: 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
Non-operating temperature: -40° to 149° F (-40° to 65° C)
Operating relative humidity: 10% to 80% (non condensing)
Non-operating relative humidity: 5% to 95% (non condensing)
Heat dissipation (maximum): 2107 BTU/Hours
Power and System Input Requirements
550 W redundant power supply
AC input voltage: 100–240 VAC
Rated input current: 7.4 A – 3.7 A
Rated input frequency: 50–60 Hz
Dimensions and Weight
Rack-mount 1U appliance
17.08-by-1.68-by-27.26-inches (433.8-by-42.7-by-692.4-millimeters)
38.9 lbs (17.6 kg) maximum
On-site warranty service
Available with one-, two-, three-, four-, or five-year warranty
Software Packages
Optimized to export LiveFlow data to LiveAction’s LiveNX, an innovative network performance visualization and analytics solution
Pre-loaded, tested, and fully integrated LiveWire software for high-speed packet capture, storage, and flow-based telemetry generation
Web-based configuration
Web-based version of Omnipeek
Omnipeek for Windows License