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Sending Telemetry to LiveNX
Sending Telemetry to LiveNX
About sending telemetry to LiveNX
LiveWire is designed to work with LiveAction’s LiveNX, an innovative network performance visualization and analytics solution. Because LiveWire starts with packet data, it is able to provide a unique, and extended, set of flow-based monitoring data called LiveFlow. LiveFlow telemetry data is sent to LiveNX where, when combined with flow data from other sources, the complete network topology is visualized.
To use LiveWire with LiveNX, you must configure LiveWire to send the LiveFlow telemetry data to LiveNX, and then also properly set up LiveNX to receive the LiveFlow telemetry data from LiveWire. This chapter describes the tasks you must perform in order to properly send LiveFlow telemetry data from LiveWire to LiveNX.