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22.2 What’s New
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What’s New in LiveWire 22.2.0
What’s New in LiveWire 22.2.0
Transitioned to Gen2 Edge device
Added configurable retention rules for packet storage
Added ability to reconstruct flow contents from packets for HTTP
Improved restore UI
Automated information gathering from customer systems for better troubleshooting
Updated ThreatEye plugin to support latest ThreatEye features
Added Turbo support for ThreatEye telemetry on LiveWire Virtual Large
Added geo location data to reconstructions view data
Added the hardware serial number to the manual activation page
Enabled Average Network and Application Latency columns in Flows View by default
Changed the default packet file save format to .pkt
Added Save Payload Functionality for Reconstruction View on Omnipeek Web
Added support for RAID10 on LiveWire Core
Added support for SWDM4 transceivers on Napatech adapters
Changed “Application” restore setting to not restore license file
Added caller phone number, call ID, and call duration to LiveFlow