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23.2.0 What’s New
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What’s New in LiveWire 23.2.0
What’s New in LiveWire 23.2.0
Dramatically increased CTD and telemetry performance through the use of compression/slicing
Added support for LiveAction’s Grid device management system, including backup-to-cloud
Added more file reconstructions from packets
Added ability to add an MPLS label, a VLAN ID and/or a VXLAN VNI to router map entries
Updated graphical elements to reflect new branding
Updated the geolocation database
Made default packet capture file size variable based on the appliance/form factor
Added Export to CSV option to Expert and VoIP views in LiveWire Omnipeek
Removed the product version from the LiveWire Omnipeek login screen
Removed the Turbo button - Turbo is enabled for all LiveFlow/ThreatEye captures on LiveWire Edge or Virtual
Enhanced Router Map to add interface names to the router map regardless of the interface
Added the ability to specify dns-search parameters to LiveAdmin Network Settings
Added support to allow IP subnet filter without single quotes
Added first-time setup that enforces default password change