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Configuring Access Control : Enabling Access Control
Enabling Access Control
Access control is enabled via the Engine screen in Omnipeek.
To enable Access Control:
1. Use Omnipeek to view the Home page.
2. Click Configure Engine. The Engine page appears.
3. Scroll down to the Access Control settings.
4. Select Enable access control to expand the access control settings.
Enable access control: Select this setting to enable access control.
Enable Active Directory groups: Select this option to enable Active Directory groups.
NOTE: When enabling Active Directory groups, Third-party authentication must be enabled and include at least one Active Directory entry that is active with a non-empty Base Domain Name, Application Username, and Application Password. See Enabling Third-Party Authentication.
Expand All: Click to expand the settings displayed for each of the roles.
Collapse All: Click to collapse the settings displayed for each of the roles.
Roles: Displays the set of roles for LiveWire.
Administrator: The default Administrator role is configured to provide full access to LiveWire to users or groups that have been assigned to this role.
Monitor: The default Monitor role is configured so that users or groups assigned to this role cannot configure LiveWire, but otherwise have full access to LiveWire.
Operator: The default Operator role is configured so that users assigned to this role have limited access to view data.
Add Role: Click to add new role to the list of roles. You will need to provide a unique name and for the role.
Apply: Click to apply all engine settings to LiveWire.