Configuring LiveWire : Configuring network settings by command script : Connecting to LiveWire through the serial port
Connecting to LiveWire through the serial port
Using the serial port on LiveWire, a laptop, and a terminal program of your choice, you can log into LiveWire and access the LiveWire command prompt (admin@ivewire).
To connect to LiveWire:
1. Connect a serial console cable from your laptop to the serial port on the back of LiveWire. The cable must be an RS-232 (null modem) cable with a female DB-9 connector for the serial port on LiveWire.
2. Using any serial terminal program (e.g., HyperTerminal or Putty), establish a connection to LiveWire. Make sure the appropriate terminal settings match the default settings below for LiveWire:
Terminal Type: [VT100+]
Bits per second: [115200]
Data Bits: [8]
Parity: [None]
Stop Bits: [1]
Flow Control: [None]
VT-UTF8 Combo Key Support: [Enabled]
Recorder Mode: [Disabled]
Resolution 100x31: [Enabled]
3. Once a connection to LiveWire has been established, the LiveWire login prompt appears.
4. Log into LiveWire as you normally would. The LiveWire command prompt (admin@livewire) appears.
5. At this point, you can configure network settings by using the ‘omni-interface’ command script, as described in Configuring network settings by command script. Additionally, please configure an NTP server as described in Time.