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Creating and Managing API Tokens : Creating an API Token
Creating an API Token
NOTE: An API token has all of the permissions/policies as the user that created the API token.
To create an API token:
1. Use Omnipeek to view the Home page.
2. Click Configure Engine. The Engine page appears.
3. Click API Tokens. The API Tokens page appears.
4. Click Insert. The Insert API Token dialog appears.
5. Configure the dialog:
Label: Enter a descriptive label for the API token. A descriptive label helps you to identify the API token.
Enabled: Select the check box to enable the API token.
Expiration Time: Click the Select date and Select time icons to set the date and time in which the API token expires and can no longer be used.
6. Click OK. A blue banner appears and displays the API token along with its Label. You can now use the new token from the blue banner for REST-API authentication.
IMPORTANT: Please copy the token from the blue banner and save it to a safe location. For security reasons, the token will not be displayed again.