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About Roles
Roles are a collection of pre-defined policies for specific actions within LiveWire. For each role, one or more Polices are selected, and users or Active Directory groups are assigned. LiveWire includes a default set of roles (Administrator, Monitor, and Operator), with each providing a unique set of policies to the users and Active Directory groups assigned to the role. A user with the policy to configure the engine (Configuration: Configure engine settings) shall have the ability to adjust the policies within each of these roles and also add additional roles.
Each role has the following components:
Role name: The name given to the role.
Role description: A short description that describes the role.
Filters: Filters can be configured to limit access to certain data in addition to global policies. See Configuring Filters for Roles.
Users: Users are the list of individual users of a system with a valid username/password that are assigned to a role.
Groups: Groups are a list of the Active Directory groups assigned to a role. See also Manage Groups for Roles.
Policy/Policies: Policies are specific actions within the product that LiveAction chooses to control with permissions, for example, starting a capture. Policies are applied to users or roles only. See Policy Descriptions.