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Configuring LiveWire : Using the LiveAdmin utility
Using the LiveAdmin utility
The LiveAdmin utility on LiveWire lets you view and configure a variety of settings from the LiveAdmin views in the left-hand navigation pane of the utility. To learn more about each of the LiveAdmin views, go to the appropriate section below:
Dashboard: The Dashboard view provides you with some very basic information about the system. See Dashboard.
Authentication: The Authentication view lets you change the password for LiveWire. See Authentication.
Monitor: The Monitor view displays the health of the overall system. See Monitor.
Network: The Network view lets you configure the primary network interfaces network settings and the hostname of the system. See Network.
Omni: The Omni view lets you configure Centralized Management, Factory Reset, Backup, Restore, SFTP, and SNMP for the appliance. See Omni.
Support: The Support view lets you download logs from the system that would be helpful in troubleshooting issues. See Support.
Remote Syslog: The Remote Syslog view lets you configure a remote syslog server that receives all system logs. See Remote Syslog.
Time: The Time view lets you configure the system’s Timezone and NTP servers. See Time.
TLS: The TLS view lets you change the self-signed certificates that LiveAdmin and Omnipeek use for HTTPS. See TLS.
Update: The Update view lets you update the appliance using a software update package. See Update.
Administrator: The Administrator context menu in the upper right lets you restart LiveWire, power off LiveWire or log out from the LiveAdmin utility. See Restart and power off.
IMPORTANT: LiveWire comes pre-configured to obtain its IP address via DHCP. The IP address is required to configure LiveWire, as described below. You can obtain the IP address by logging into Grid as described in Using Grid to manage and configure LiveAction appliances.
NOTE: If an IP address is not assigned to LiveWire by the DHCP server within two minutes of being connected to the network, LiveWire defaults to a static address of