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Configuring LiveWire : Adding a template
Adding a template
Click Add Template to display the Configure settings to configure the new template.
With the exception of the Template Name and Template Version settings, the settings available to configure templates are the same settings used to configure a device. Follow the links below for descriptions of the settings.
To add a new template:
1. Click the Add Template button to display the Configure dialog.
2. Configure the new template:
Template Name: Type a name for the template.
Template Version: Click to select the version of the template you are configuring.
Time Settings: See Time Settings.
Authentication: See Authentication.
3. Click Add. The new template is created and you will now have access to the options below in the left-hand pane to further configure settings for the template.
Configure: See Configure.
User Access: See User Access.
SNMP Credentials: See SNMP Credentials.
iDRAC Settings: See IDRAC Settings.
Backup Settings: See Backup Settings.
Upgrade Settings: See Upgrade Settings.