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Select Settings to configure Grid’s Single Sign On settings.
Single Sign On
The Single Sign On settings allows you to use an organization’s identity provider (e.g, Okta, Ping, Auth0, etc.) for authentication.
Enable Single Sign On: Click to enable or disable Single Sign On.
Identify Provider SSO URL: Enter the Single Sign On Service (Ping) or Idp Single Sign-On URL (Okta).
Entity ID/Application Callback URL: Enter the ACS URL (Ping) or Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL (Okta).
Identify Provider Entity ID/Issuer: Enter Issuer ID (Ping) or IdP Issuer URI (Okta).
Consumer Logout URL: Enter the SLO Endpoint (Ping).
Certificate: Enter the Signing Certificate (Ping) or IdP Signature Certificate (Okta).
Reset: Click to reset the Single Sign On settings.
Save: Click to save the Single Sign On settings.
NOTE: The Consumer Logout URL and Application Callback URL settings in Grid are generated by Grid after you save the Single Sign On settings.