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Configuring LiveWire : Configuring network settings by command script
Configuring network settings by command script
You can configure LiveWire network settings by using the ‘omni-interface’ command script from the ‘root’ user command prompt (root@LiveWire). To get to the ‘root’ user command prompt, enter the following command from the command prompt and enter ‘admin’ as the password when prompted:
#sudo su
Here are the commands to configure the network settings from the command prompt:
Usage: omni-interface [options]
-a, --adapter
adapter to modify
-f, --wifi
enable or disable Remote AP Capture capability [on|off]
-c, --dhcp
configure dhcp
-s, --static
configure static
-l, --manual
configure manual
-r, --address
static adapter address
-m, --netmask
static adapter netmask
-b, --broadcast
static adapter broadcast address
-w, --network
static adapter network address
-g, --gateway
static adapter gateway address
-h, --hwaddress
static adapter mac address
-d, --dns
static dns servers (comma separated)
IMPORTANT: The Ethernet ports can be configured to obtain an IP address automatically from a DHCP server by specifying ‘dhcp’ instead of ‘static’ settings; however, we strongly recommend the use of static IP addresses for the Ethernet ports. If DHCP is used, and if the address should change on a new DHCP lease, then the user must restart the Capture Engine service to see the new IP addresses in the ‘Adapters’ capture options in Omnipeek.

Additionally, if you specify ‘dhcp’ instead of ‘static’ settings, and there is no DHCP server available, you must allow the command to time-out.