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Introduction : Installing LiveWire : Connecting network cables
Connecting network cables
LiveWire Core/PowerCore includes Gigabit Ethernet ports and Integrated Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) ports used for remotely accessing and troubleshooting LiveWire Core/PowerCore. LiveWire Edge includes Gigabit Ethernet ports, but no iDRAC port. See Front / rear panels for the location of these ports. For information on using iDRAC, see Integrated Remote Access Controller (iDRAC).
To connect network cables:
Use a standard Ethernet cable to connect these ports to your network.
TIP: To reach LiveWire through an SSH connection, you can use an Ethernet cable connected directly between the Gigabit Ethernet port on LiveWire and your PC or laptop. LiveWire eth0 port is configured at the factory to have a DHCP IP address with a fail over to The PC or laptop must be configured to be on the same IP subnet.