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Introduction : LiveWire Activation
LiveWire Activation
Once LiveWire is installed, when you attempt to connect to it for the very first time, you must activate the product before it can be used. You can activate LiveWire either from logging directly into a web-based version of Omnipeek, or from the Capture Engines Window in Omnipeek.
Both an automatic and a manual method are available for activation. The automatic method is quick and useful if you have Internet access from the computer from where you are performing the activation. If Internet access is not available, the manual method is available; however, you will need to go to a computer that does have Internet access in order to download a License file that is required to complete the manual activation.
You will need to enter the following information to successfully activate LiveWire, so please have this information readily available:
IP address of LiveWire
Product key
User name
Company name
Email address
Version number