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Introduction : Installing Omnipeek
Installing Omnipeek
To install Omnipeek:
1. Run the Omnipeek installer (e.g., Omnipeek_xx.x.x.msi). The installer removes any previous versions of Omnipeek.
2. Follow the installation instructions that appear on the screen.
During installation you are asked to enter a valid product key. When prompted, you can select from the following:
Automatic: The installer uses your Internet connection to send an encrypted message to an activation server, which retrieves and installs a license file.
Manual: The installer guides you through generating a license file through a web page. Follow the instructions to access the web activation page, fill in the required information, and you are provided with a license file. The installer then guides you through installing the license file.
For more information about the product activation process, please see our website at:
3. When the Installer has finished installing the program files, you can choose to view the Readme or launch the program.
NOTE: The Capture Engine Manager is installed by default with Omnipeek. This application lets you configure and update settings for the separately purchased Capture Engines. For information, see the Capture Engine for Omnipeek Getting Started Guide or the online help in the Capture Engine Manager application.